Georgia Southern debuts new kinesiology laboratories in Hanner Fieldhouse

Blakeley Bartee

Georgia Southern University officials cut the ribbon Friday on new kinesiology laboratories located in a former pool space in Hanner Fieldhouse.

The new laboratories include two biomechanics labs, a motor control lab and a human performance lab, and they are available for both undergraduate and graduate students, according to a GS press release.

Area physicians can also use the facility’s patient consulting rooms for their patients, according to the press release.

Renovating the 11,000 square foot space was funded through the state of Georgia and cost $5 million, according to the press release, with design and construction completed by civil engineering and architectural firm Hussey, Gay and Bell and general contractor Sheridan Construction respectively.

The press release states that students will be able to work alongside faculty in the following areas:

Biomechanics laboratories

  • Concussion recovery
  • Monitoring athletes at risk for concussion
  • Gait research
  • Monitoring changes in gait over long-distance runs
  • Monitoring the effects of different athletic shoe types on gait mechanics

Human performance laboratory

  • Tactical assessments on firefighters and law enforcement
  • Working with players on the South Georgia Tormenta FC soccer team

Motor control laboratory

  • Working with cerebral palsy patients to help combat the painful symptom of spasticity
  • Provide training programs for cerebral palsy patients to improve their strength and quality of life

The new kinesiology facility is the only facility of its kind in the region, according to the press release.

“The technology available to students in this newly renovated space is second to none in the region, but more importantly, the research being done here is having a significant impact on the field of kinesiology, and on real, everyday people,” GS President Kyle Marrero said in the press release. “This building will expand the facilities and capabilities of Georgia Southern, but it will also expand the firsthand experience of our students.”

Blakeley Bartee, The George-Anne Editor-in-Chief,