Hutchinson shows steady

Charles Rudison

One-line conclusion: It isn’t as smooth as his previous two albums but the production makes up for it. If you are into top-20-type pop songs, “Pure Fiction” is the album for you.

With melodies, semi-complex lyrics and great production, Eric Hutchinson shows hints of star power in his latest album.

“Pure Fiction” is the fifth album from Eric Hutchinson. Hutchinson is an acclaimed singer and song writer with works like ‘Rock & Roll’ and ‘Watching You Watch Him’ under his belt. The “Pure Fiction” album was released April 8.

“Pure Fiction” is the type of album that you would recommend to a friend who is making bad life decisions. That is just how incredibly light and positive it is.

Hutchinson offers a more complex type of pop: his lyrics brimming with wit and Hutchinson’s light, smooth voice topping it off.

The lead single and first track ‘Tell the World’ sums up “Pure Fiction” incredibly vibrantly with a melody that could get stuck in your mind and remain there all day. If Hutchinson was Justin Bieber, Justin Timberlake, or any other big name in pop, ‘Tell the World’ would be an overplayed song on the radio.

The second track ‘A Little More’ is possibly the best song on the album, due to the fact that it, ironicallyt, offers a little more. It’s catchy, pop-based and soulful at the same time and just offers a little more than what the other songs do.

“Pure Fiction” isn’t a bad album, but it’s a lot more simple and harder to listen to than his previous albums. It is not that Hutchinson has sold out, he is just at the point in his career where he needs to change his sound a little.

His previous albums flowed better and just had better songs. Songs like ‘Living in the Afterlife’ and ‘Food Chain’ are just more entertaining, creative and appealing. “Pure fiction” also has a lot more forgettable songs.

Listeners of “Pure Fiction” think of the album as musical coffee.

“The album is so vibrant that I actually set it as my alarm clock. It isn’t that the music is great, it is just something about the upbeat tone of the album that gets me up and going,” Shaina Adams, freshman computer science major, said.

One downfall of the album is that it lacks diversity. While all of the songs don’t really sound the same it is hard to distinguish the sad song from the party banger. It needs just a bit more versatility.

“Pure Fiction” is a pool of styles and feelings that prove that Hutchinson still has an abundance of life left in his career.