College life isn’t always what you imagine

Peyton Callanan

From “Animal House” to “Old School” to “21 & Over,” Hollywood has been painting an image of college as this period in your life when you learn just as many life lessons at that booze-soaked party as you do in the classroom. Movies and television shows often give us an unrealistic expectation of what our time in college should be like, which can leave us with a feeling that we are missing out on something special when the real thing doesn’t live up to the fantasy.

With spring break quickly approaching, many students will do their best impressions of “MTV’s Beach House,” but there are some misconceptions about college that the entertainment industry has created that all students should understand and accept.

1. Greek life isn’t the only life.

Toga! Toga! Movies and television shows that take place in a college setting often focus on fraternity and sorority life as if that is the only way to experience college. Don’t get me wrong, being Greek is a great way to make friends and get involved on campus, but there are hundreds of other clubs at Georgia Southern. Getting involved in a club sport, a religious group or a professional organization can be just as rewarding as being in a fraternity or sorority.

2. Parties will never be as epic as they are in the movies.

I know; it’s disappointing, but those life-changing parties that seem to happen in every college movie are truly things of fiction. No matter how many rounds of beer pong you play, they just never seem to live up to that “Old School” image you have in your mind. Far be it for me to keep you from trying to throw the party to end all parties though. But speaking of “Old School…”

3. Your impression of Frank the Tank isn’t as funny as you think.

No one wants to see you naked or covered in puke. We are all old enough to know our limits and to be responsible enough to find a designated driver.

4. The number of notches in your bedpost doesn’t matter in the long run.

Whether you are single and ready to mingle or in a long-term relationship, the bottom line is you’ve got to be able to look yourself in the mirror in the morning. Take as many walks of shame as you want, just make sure that you are being safe and responsible.

Just because your college experience isn’t seem like a real life version of a Ke$ha song, it doesn’t mean you are doing it wrong. You don’t have to be an expert at flip-cup or a member of the biggest organization on campus to have a great time at college. Find a path for yourself that is rewarding in its own way and don’t forget to pass a class or two along the way.