Southern-born company encompasses American spirit

Meagan Greene

Statesboro’s authentic t-shirt company is looking to expand with the help of Southern’s best and brightest.

For those who have yet to hear of the southern-born t-shirt company,

The Grain & Grit company owners are so confident in this brand that they will give free shirts to businesses that are wary of it’s ability to make profit and show them how easily they can sell.

“Three weeks before Christmas we gave stores 70 shirts and they sold out within a week and a half. This is when we first realized that, ‘wow this could work, we’re doing something right,’” McCormick said.

This t-shirt company wants to uphold the aspect of being based in Statesboro above anywhere else.

McCormick said, “Everyone we work with is from Statesboro, we want to be Statesboro’s brand and we’re continuously looking for people from Statesboro to help us progress.

Charities such as the Breast Cancer Awareness Foundation and the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals have benefited from the popularity this company has gained in the past year and a half

Newhart said, “We both love business and we both love making an impact on peoples lives.”

McCormick said, “We see this as something we can be doing for the rest of our lives. The top people in this company are the best at what they do and this industry really only started around seven years ago. We’ve always believed in that you work until your ideals become your competition.”