International Club hosts spring equinox event

Photo: Adrianna Pulley

Michelle Norsworthy

There’s a deeper, more universal meaning behind the pastel hues and consumerism of the springtime. It’s one of renewal, and it’s shared by cultures from around the world. This diversity in the celebration is the topic of the International Club’s event this Thursday.

The International Club will be hosting an event to showcase the diverse celebrations that happen throughout spring. “Spring Equinox Celebrations” will be held this Thursday in Room 2047 of the Russell Union at 7 p.m.  The event will cover the Christian, Hindu and Pagan celebrations that happen around the spring equinox.

The equinox is what signals the start of the season, Adriana Pulley, president of the International Club, said.

“Every single culture has a way of bringing it in, even if they have a different reason,” Pulley said. “Despite the figures from religions, it all ties back to the rebirth of the earth and the new season.”

This sense of renewal and festiveness can be found throughout the world in different ways. In any case, with winter slowly but surely fading away, springtime comes as a welcomed event.

“Spring is really when we see, you know, life returning to earth. That’s so very important in almost all cultures,” Gabby Jiovenetta said, co-president of the Earth Spirit Association. The ESA will be one of three organizations presenting at the event.

Michael Putnam and his wife Lacy, who are founders of ESA, will be presenting on the Pagan celebration known as Ostara. The presentation will include the traditions and history of the holiday, as well as the shared symbolism with Easter.

The Easter presentation will be given by the Scholars of Religion and will include Celtic and Swedish traditions surrounding the holiday. The presentation will be given by a group of academics who study these faiths.

Bhargav Mora and Jay Bhatt, who are members of the International Club, will be presenting on the Hindu festival of Holi. Both Holi and Ostara will be presented by practitioners of the Hindu and Pagan faiths.

“I’d love for people to gain new knowledge of religions in general, and hopefully spark a little bit of curiosity that wasn’t there before,” said Justin Miller, president of SoR.

Snacks and attendance verification will be provided at the event, and everyone is welcomed to attend.