GSU student works with Rick Ross

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  • Photos: Omar Wilson

  • Photo: Omar Wilson

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Charles Rudison

A recent graduate of Georgia Southern University, went from being Omar Walker, the student who makes beats for his high school sweetheart, to Major Seven, the producer who drops beats for high-profile artists like JAY Z and Rick Ross.

Walker, who just last year roamed the campus of GSU, is a 2013 alumni making appearances with famous artist like Musiq Soulchild, Yo Gotti and Dondria.

Walker received his first big break shortly after R&B; legend Keith Sweat became his manager.

“I got my first real start when a man named Fitzgerald Scott took me and several other producers to the legendary R&B singer Keith Sweat. Keith liked my work and he has been my manager since then. Keith has grown into a role model for me,” Walker said.

Due to his partnership with Keith Sweat and his talent for producing, Walker received a placement on T-Pain’s mixtape “Stoic” for the song ‘Let you go.’ The placement was Omar’s first real big step in his music career.

Walker was also featured alongside an elite group of producers in Rick Ross’ album, proving his worth.

“I feel extremely blessed and accomplished knowing that producers from Kanye West to P. Diddy produced on the album and I got the lead single, it goes to show that all my hard work and dedication wasn’t for nothing,” Walker said.

Walker, naturally having a creative prowess, spent most of his time on a tightrope juggling the art of focusing on music while remaining a full time student.

“I have always had a mind for creativity, before music it was art. It’s just a talent I’ve been able to capitalize on,” Walker said. “There were times in college where I would even spend most of my refund check on better equipment, anything to make it. I only went to like two parties my entire college career. All my time went to my music.”

Walker does not plan on stopping anytime soon. He aspires to use his work on Ross’s album to become a big name in the music industry by tackling big projects with artists like Lil Wayne, Flo-Rida and Currency.

“I also am scheduling a sit-down session with Ross to see if we will be able to work together again. Last week I traveled to Miami to meet with other artists. If I’m not working on producing I’m doing things to grow in producing and grow in my career,” Walker said.

Walker has the mind of a renaissance man because he refuses to be content with just being successful as a music producer.

Walker said, “I’m not a producer, I am a creator. I am more than just a music producer. I have app ideas, movie ideas, and other ideas dealing with business. I have an abundance of things I want to do with my life, producing is just a fraction.”