Take advantage of the great outdoors

Tayler Critchlow

Tayler Critchlow

The great outdoors, experiencing Mother Nature at her finest. It is something that our generation doesn’t do much of anymore. We have become so absorbed in our technology that we don’t look beyond our front doors or get out of our cars and enjoy the fresh air.

Now, I know most people say that “I’m on a college student’s budget,” or “I can’t afford outdoor trips,” but you don’t have to do anything extravagant. You don’t even have to go on a trip. Just being outdoors, enjoying the sun and wind on your face, breathing in the smell of the flowers in bloom or listen to the birds chirping. These are all priceless experiences that you can do while also being outdoors.

Throwing a frisbee or football in an open field or getting a group of friends and play some beach volleyball are great ways to get outside and be active at the same time.

Or maybe, if you don’t have the hand-eye coordination for throwing, go outside and be a kid again and play tag. Simply go for a walk or bike ride either on your own or with some friends. You will make great memories with friends and not be stuck inside at the same time.

There is really no excuse for not enjoying the outdoors. Even if you don’t want to go for a simple walk or play a pick-up game of something with friends. There are cheap ways to do outdoor activities.

Just this past spring break I went to the George L. Smith State Park for the day and rented a kayak for just $6 per hour. That is not a bad price. And if you don’t want to plan your own trip then we have an entire organization dedicated to outdoor trips right here on campus. Southern Adventures is located just behind the RAC and provides equipment and information for planning trips and offers trips themselves at a very low rate.

This really is the best time to be outdoors, after college when we join the work force or go for the long run in grad school, we won’t have as much time to enjoy the simple things.

We as college students are also enjoying our physical peak, after college our bodies health will start to decline and slip, whether we exercise or not, so take advantage of your youthfulness while you have it.

So go outside, work on your tan, be active, make memories with friends, get scars that will make for great stories later, don’t sit inside on your computer or in front of your TV.

Critchlow is a sophomore multimedia communications major from Ontario, Canada. She is the current news chief.