Bringing parenthood to life

Jennifer Arthurs

Professors David Murray and Arikka Gregory will be preforming on March 8 at 3 p.m. at the Carter Recital Hall in the Foy Building. The theme of the recital is ““It’s a roller-coaster ride of all the different emotions associated with that part of life,” Gregory said.

The parenthood theme covers all aspects of the relationship between a child and a parent, Murray and Gregory said. The recital will be broken down into topics. The topics covered in the music include advice, grief, mistakes and joy of parenthood, Gregory said.

“I think there is a little something for everyone no matter what stage of life you’re in. The relationship between parents and children is for better or for worse. It’s the strongest relationship that any of us really have,” Murray said. “Whether it’s a good relationship you have with your parents or with your children, then it’s wonderful- and if it’s not a good relationship then it can just be the most heart breaking thing in your life and there’s a little bit of that of everything in this program. Everyone can find something to connect with in this program.”