Three sisters band together for new fashion blog

Martinique Mccrory

When Sarah Davis, sophomore post-secondary education major, walked into Starbucks wearing a twinkling blue statement necklace, a black blazer and a wide smile, there were parallels between her personality and her chic, young fashion blog The Lilly Bee.

“The Lilly Bee is a fashion blog created by three sisters that combines all three of our closets, all three of our styles and just puts it out for the world,” Davis said.

The three powerhouse sisters are Julia, Sarah and Mary Davis. Through her love of shopping and desire to showcase her fashionable talents, Julia Davis, the oldest at 23 years old, decided to give fashion blogging a try and have her siblings join in on the project. Although they like similar fashion trends, each sister has her own style.

“My style is very classic while Julia’s is more trendy. Mary, on the other hand, is more preppy. Our styles are always changing, and we’re all open-minded to new ideas and ways to wear things,” Sarah Davis said.

The website features outfit ideas with information on where to get each clothing piece, how to put different pieces together and what the latest trends are in fashion. It is a blog for both women wanting to get trendy advice and those fashionistas seeking creative new ways to freshen up their wardrobes.

“I think for somebody who already knows what their fashion looks like and somebody who already has a set style, this could just be something fun to look at, but then people looking for inspiration, you can get an idea of something you can wear somewhere,” Sarah Davis said.

Each sister has her own specific roles regarding the site. Julia posts an article every two or three days while Sarah focuses on getting word out about the blog. The youngest of the trio, Mary Davis, models each clothing piece photographed by Julia. Even Julia’s maltipoo Lilly Belle, the site’s namesake, has her own imprint on the site.

“[Lilly Belle] just has such a special place in our hearts, and her little personality is exactly the kind of energy we wanted for the blog. She has the sweetest disposition,” Sarah Davis said.

Sweet may be the word to describe The Lilly Bee’s style. Its bright colors and fresh prints show the site’s aims to interest young college women. Using inspiration drawn from the sisters’ shopping trips and what is currently in each of their closets, The Lilly Bee is able to provide viewers with realistic and affordable fashion advice complete with a convenient link to the source of each product.

Despite the fact that The Lilly Bee has only been up since January of this year, the website has already garnered a healthy amount of support. The fashion blog is a Lucky Magazine contributor, a part of the continuation of the online magazine produced by fashion bloggers and generates a bit of revenue split between each sister.

Sarah Davis said, “It’s only been up and running for three months, and we’re just amazed by all the support we’ve gotten.”