Twi-hards take a bite out of Twitter

Rashida Otunba

Fans will continue to be wooed by sparkling vampires on Friday as “Twilight” fan and lecturer Michelle Groover presents “Twilight and Twitter,” as an installation of the Great Minds Lecture series.

The lecture is an ethnographic study on the women of the “Twilight” fandom and the friendships they have built as a result of the series.

It looks at a section of the “Twilight” fandom because although the books are written more for young adults, but they were really read more by the moms. There’s a big group of “Twilight” moms who don’t feel like there is anyone they can talk to about what they are reading so they all go to Twitter and find people like them to share their feelings about the series with, Groover said.

In her essay, Groover studied 18 women from across the country that all shared the same interest in the series and developed close bonds with each other as a result.

It’s about the power of social media. Friendships no longer have to be face to face. Friendships have and continue to form on social mediums, whether it’s Facebook or Twitter. These women have taken friendships from Twitter and have let them into their real lives, Groover said.

“Twilight and Twitter” originated as a paper written for Groover’s qualitative research class and is now featured in “The Twilight Saga: Exploring the Global Phenomenon,”a textbook edited by Claudia Bucciferro, an assistant professor in the department of communication studies at Gonzaga University in Washington.

“What started as ‘Hey, let’s talk about “Twilight!”‘ developed into these deeper friendships. These women will talk about everything from their children to their husbands to their sex lives to the weather. There is no topic that’s off limits,” Groover said.

“Twilight and Twitter” will be presented this Friday at RJ’s Steakhouse at 12 p.m.