Aurora Game Development Club prepares for Game Jam

James Wagner

This weekend, the Aurora Game Development Club (AGDC) will be hosting its bi-annual

Game Jam event in the College of Engineering and Information Technology.

“A game jam is a forty eight hour event in which teams or individuals take game projects

from concept to completion; completing the game development process in a very short

amount of time,” Adrian Kappel, senior computer science major and president of AGDC,

said. “By the end of the event, there will be playable demos of all the games created.”

AGDC seeks to provide members of the club with hands-on experience with game

development and an inside look of the game industry through workshops, meetings, guest

speakers and attending conferences.

“What Aurora Game Development Clubs hopes to accomplish is to help our members

develop leadership skills and professional skills,” Kappel said.

The club has existed on Georgia Southern University’s campus for about two and a half

years and currently has 30 active members.

Throughout a semester the club works on about 15 projects a semester.

“It usually takes a semester to develop a playable version of a game which can be just a

level or multiple levels,” Ashleigh Amrine, vice president of Aurora Game Development

Club, said.

What makes Game Jam different is that a semester’s worth of game development is

condensed into one weekend, Amrine said.

“We will be mixing members from our training group with members from our more

experienced protect teams,” Amrine said. “It’s pretty awesome to be able to do it and be

surrounded by people who have a similar interest.”

Game Jam will take place on Friday, Saturday and Sunday in the game development room

located next to the study rooms on the first floor of the IT building.