How to stay busy on campus

James Delvin

James Devlin

I hear it from my fellow college students all the time: “I’ll never be good at my major. I’m just always bored. How can I get busy?” The answer is actually quite simple: get involved.

One way you can do that is by talking to your teachers about your field. You are paying thousands of dollars to be taught in an academic setting by some of the sharpest minds in their fields. I would make sure I got as much knowledge and advice out of them as I could. Many of the professors I have talked to on our campus have told me that they are usually sitting alone during their office hours. Students need to take advantage of that time. These are professors with years of education and experience in your fields, and they want to be your mentors. They have a lot of good school and career advice.

Your department of study also offers plenty of opportunities for you to grow and awards to recognize that. In my department of writing and linguistics, we offer programs like The Burning Swamp Readings, Blue Field Poetry Reading, Write Place and many others. The department also offers awards like the Harbuck Scholarship and the Roy Powell awards. If you want to diversify yourself, look into other department activities. You don’t have to major in something to be involved.

You can join a club in your department; Georgia Southern has over 200 clubs. With odds like that, I’m sure you can find something you can do. Clubs are a great way to network and make friends with similar interests. You have the opportunity to start a club in your department with the help of a mentor.

All of these on campus activities and leadership experiences look fantastic on a résumé. You can use your full résumé to land yourself a job, an internship, or into the Honor’s Program. Use your time in college wisely and build yourself up and keep yourself busy.

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