Spring concert shows lack of diversity

This year’s spring concert will be what most of us call a predicted disappointment. Many of us decided not to get our hopes up, because we knew, once again, that UPB would slap us in the face. But what we did not realize was just how hard the slap would be. As stated by Tina Powellson, “decided to be the best fit for the student population and Statesboro community.” My question is which population exactly? Because as diverse as Southern loves to claim to be this concert is far from that.

It is well documented that UPB has constantly brought country artists time and time again. Not once have they taken responsibility for how poorly they executed the poll, the vote and choosing. Instead of creating a biased poll, UPB should have asked the students to name at least five artist they would love to see. They also should have taken those lists and complied a 10-list poll with the artist who showed up the most. Each genre should have been represented evenly with two country artists, three pop and rock, three rap and two R&B.;

The spring concert decision is a perfect example of how Georgia Southern’s administration, and everyone else, fails to listen to students. For country-lovers, they can catch artists on tour because they are more likely to come through south Georgia, but artists such as Imagine Dragons, J.Cole, Jhene Aiko or Drake are hardly ever likely to have a stop in south Georgia. Therefore, why bring country artists when people can get country anywhere? Instead bring artists we never see, because when they are in Atlanta we are stuck in class. Stop wasting our student fees to pay for the luxury of less than half the student population. Stop factoring in the community unless they are paying student fees and you are representing everyone, not just one part of Statesboro.

Honestly, I am just calling it like I see it, which is blasphemy. Hopefully my response is able to be seen and received with shared understanding and frustration.

Christian Thomas

Junior business major, Warner Robins, Ga.