Rick Ross: Mastermind

Charles Rudison

Rick Ross shows that he just might be a mastermind in his latest album “Mastermind.”

“Mastermind” is Maybach Music CEO Rick Ross’ sixth studio album. Its release date is today but it leaked earlier last week.

The album possessed a plethora of different sounds. Songs like ‘War Ready’ and ‘Shots fired’ contained a hardcore trap music sound and songs like ‘Sanctified’ and ‘Thug cry’ had a more soulful sound. Other songs featured sounds from seductive to deep.

‘Sanctified’ is easily the best song on this album. The beat is out of this world. Big Sean came through with some heat and Yeezus definitely added his artistic element to the song.  It wouldn’t be surprising if this song goes down as a classic.

Ross truly shows that he has stepped up his game. He has always been somewhat of a mediocre artist who hip-hop heads could never consider as a veteran even though he has been in the industry for nearly 10 years. However, this album pushes Ross over the bar.

The lyricism of the album was much better than expected. No matter how much he may look like rap legend Biggie Smalls, no one ever expected him to rap anything like him. But rapping lines like “Keys to my success, I got new keys and new address.” While it isn’t the best line, you’d never expect Ross to say it.

Ross is proving he can do more than grunt and make a Ric Flair noise on a track.

Artists from the Weeknd to Kanye West were featured in “Mastermind,” Ross left no sectors of hip-hop unattended.

Ross left listeners feeling as though they were in a gangster movie. Fans will definitely have the album on repeat for quite some time.

“The album felt like a rendition of a ‘Scarface’ movie. It was exciting and suspenseful in a way, and it also told a story. I will definitely have the album on repeat in my car for a while,” Seth Lawrence, freshman psychology major, said.

The production was flawless, the lyrics are great and the replay value is great. “Mastermind” is more than satisfying. It is hard the find any negatives in the album. However, while the album was fantastic it still wasn’t the greatest of all time.