College is a time to start being professional

Jackie Gutknecht

I understand that college is supposed to be the best four – or five – years of your life, and all you want to do is live it up. However, you have to remember that the goal at the end of college is to get a job and start a career.

Spring break is supposed to be just that: a break from reality. But when pictures of you passed out drunk on the beach with a full neck of beads (which we all know how you got those beads) surfaces on GSUProblems, OnlyAtSouthern or any of the other crazy GSU social media accounts that have surfaced, it turns into more than that. You are now tasked with the challenge of figuring out how to get this picture taken down and make sure it doesn’t ruin your life.

Yes, these accounts are not personally associated with you, however when all of your friends tag you to ask if it is you, it soon gets your name attached to it. When looking for a job, later in life, you better believe that your future employer is going to Google you and search for you on Twitter, Facebook and any other social media account. The picture will most likely come up.

It is important to always remember that you are representing something more than just yourself. You are representing your future job and your school.

Georgia Southern does not get its party reputation from students who stay at home and study all of the time, because those aren’t the students that are seen. The students that are seen are the ones who are drunkenly dancing on the stage in the Rudy’s Rave video.

If your future employer doesn’t find that drunken picture of you, congratulations, but to think that it won’t ever haunt you is hard to do. It is important to always be the person you would want to hire, which means professional, at all times.