Best dressed on campus

Meagan Greene

Every time someone looks in their closet to pick out their outfit for the day it not only shows the way they think about themselves and want to be portrayed by others, but also how they feel that day and what’s going on in their lives.

Three students on campus displayed different styles of clothing for which they each have different inspirations.

While wearing a white flowing blouse with a white cami underneath because of the dramatic deep v. along with black jean pants, and black booties with a short heel, Courtney Lafevers, freshman, business major said, “It’s windy so I didn’t want to wear a dress and it’s comfortable.”

An outfit can show a side of someone that others may not get a chance to see often.

“I feel like it represents my personality,” Lafevers said.

Even times when the atmosphere is acting a certain way it can inspire what styles are worn with that the weather demonstrates.

“It’s a kind of overcast day, I didn’t want to wear bright colors and it kind of fits my mood,” Lafevers said.

Another outfit that made its mark on campus this past Monday was that worn by Anya Simmering, junior, film major.

Casually playing her guitar at the gazebo on campus, sporting some aviator shades and chatting with passersby, instead of wearing the usual t-shirt and shorts most sport around from class to class Simmering had her own style she wanted to illustrate.

“I felt like being cool, so I just put it on,” Simmering said.

This cool outfit included a black leather jackets, with a graphic tee, reading , “cool kids never sleep,” along with green pants put together with a belt clasped together with a silver boom box emblem and finishing the outfit with black high top sneakers.

“My jacket is my signature, leathers like my thing,” Simmering said.

Everyone has a piece of clothing that they love and use to inspire most outfits that are put together.

Incorporating color into an otherwise dark style can make the entire outfit pop when just wearing blue jeans would leave it to fall flat.

“I choose these pants because I really like the color and it matches with my whole outfit and I feel that my shoes are super fresh and super fly,” Simmering said.

Taylor Mays, sophomore, political science major had an interesting story about his outfit choice while walking by the lake on campus.

“All of my clothes are from the same golf course because my dad works there so I get them free, that is Frederica in St. Simmons,” Mays said.

Frederica located on St. Simmons Island, Ga., is a golf club where they have a pro shop that sells custom made Frederica polo shirts that have a two flag club logo. The logo consists of the British and Scottish flags.

“Everything in my closet comes from a golf course,” Mays said.

Mays was wearing a baby blue Peter Millar brand  polo with the Frederica golf club logo on the breast and Frederica written on the sleeve along with khaki slacks and brown leather loafers topped off with a cream colored State Traditions hat pulling everything together.

“I think it suits my style well,” Mays said.