Your View Mar. 25

Your View

Marquis Marshall, senior civil engineering major

“Spring is definitely harder, you’re pretty much in your major classes, and you’re looking for jobs and internships. And with spring break, you have a nice break right before the end of the semester. It’s like a second wind.”

Natasha Currie, freshman psychology major

“It’s going good. It could be better. I’m trying to cram down, trying to study more, trying to go to every little tutoring session I can. Spring is harder because of spring break. Everybody gets sidetracked during spring break. Like you go online to folio and see all those notifications.”

Siah Kaimachiande, senior biology major

“It’s feeling great, especially coming off of spring break. We’re feeling refreshed and like we’re gonna finish strong. The sun is out, it just feels great. During the winter it was all gloomy. Fall feels like it’s a little harder. Maybe that’s just because we’re not as motivated? There’s just something about all this sun that makes it easier to get through.”

Ray Delva senior English major

“It’s going by really good. It’s the best semester I’ve had so far. Really relaxed. As a school, I’d guess we’re doing just fine. Fall is harder because you’re coming back from summer; that’s three months of not doing anything, so you have to get back in the groove of doing all that school stuff. But coming back from winter break isn’t that bad.”

Ryan Lumpkin, freshman music education major

“I’m feeling pretty good. I dropped a lot of classes which I probably shouldn’t have but I am feeling good. So far spring semester is harder. I think that this semester is rare because of all the snow days.”

John Willis, junior criminal justice major

“Classes are good. Spring break is over with and it’s time to buckle down. It’s clutch time. Spring semester is harder because spring is hot, the sun’s out. You want to get out and do things. In the fall you have a lot of colder weather and indoor time.”

Compiled by Braley Garland, and Connor White