The importance of writing and improving your craft

James Devlin

Writing is considered a crucial center upon which your intellect, your communication skills and your creativity will grow. This has been stressed since first grade and is still with us in our college studies— I can guarantee it will be used in all of our professional careers. At some point in our job we will write résumés, e-mails, reports, theses, research papers, and maybe even books.

Considering how important writing is I still hear people in the hallways complain about a two-page paper they have to write. I’ve heard people say that they cannot write well—they’re probably right. You need to take the time to write if you want to improve the craft—you need to read a book and study how famous, published, successful writers have molded their craft. It’s the same with math, science or history. How can you get good at a skill if you’ve never studied or practiced?

Georgia Southern University has a lot of places you can work on writing—the most well known being the Writing Center. The students that work there are trained to help you improve your writing and your craft to get the greatest grade you can earn. There are also plethoras of clubs on campus, like the Writer’s Guild, that will encourage your practice. Also, the English and writing professors here are extremely personable. If you show the drive to improve your writing they will make time to see you and help you improve—they want you to succeed with that two-page paper.

Instead of wasting your time complaining or shrinking in fear over a two-page assignment try to get it done with zeal, be proactive about your writing. Write whenever you have free time in a journal—it can be an essay, a short story or even a poem. I can promise you that writing is one of the most important skills for your professional life.