How to deal with annoying classmates

Erinn Williams

Erinn Williams

It is five minutes until the end of class. The professor has finished her lecture and is about to let you out early when a student raises his hand to ask a meaningless question that has nothing to do with the course you are in.

Yes, we all have been through this before.

The dreaded one person in your class is one that nobody can stand.

It’s inevitable that they will be there.

No matter if you change your seat, your class or even your major, they will be there lurking around to not put their phone on silent and let it ring throughout a test, or arguing with the professor.

So what are the best ways to deal with your annoying classmate?

1) Don’t acknowledge them

Remember when you threw a tantrum as a little kid, and no one paid attention to you so that you would get the hint.

Do the same with them.

If Tina is talking over the professor don’t engage her in conversation.

If you join in to laugh about their jokes or make loud comments about their actions they will think that what they are doing is acceptable.

Some people get a rise out of watching other people squirm. Don’t let them do that to you.

2) Confront them

You have tried to give them subtle hints. Now is the time to let them know.

Don’t do this in a rude or forceful way or when you are angry.

Simply pull them aside and say, “Hey Sarah, when you blast ‘Turn Down For What’ throughout class I can’t hear the professor and I would really like it if you could turn it down.”

Maybe Henry doesn’t know that is continuous clicking of his pen is driving you nuts.

There is a chance that this will not go well though, so that leads us into the next point.

3) Let the professor know

Most of the times when you are dealing with someone who is disrupting the class your other classmates or the professor have noticed the problem.

Don’t sit around and let someone affect your grade.

If Jim isn’t helping out in the group project and you have to take on all of the responsibility for it let the professor know.

Not only will it save you from unneeded stress, but also it will protect you from getting a bad grade due to the negligence of others.

Always remember that you have paid way too much money to sit through class and have to deal with anything coming between you and your grades.