If it could talk, what would your vagina say?

Erika Richards

Sexual violence is still prevalent in the world today but the Vagina Monologues are back to speak out and will be presented on Wednesday and Thursday at the Foy building at 7 p.m.

The monologues tell a series of stories about what women face and go through daily.

“This is not a regular production. People will probably laugh and cry but it is a great show that is put on to raise awareness of the struggle that women go through,” Tianna Quiller, cast member and sophomore special education major, said.

This year, two new monologues will be performed and many cast members are ready to show the hard work that they have invested into this show.

Cast member and freshman business major Rebecca Pinckney said, “The director did an amazing job picking the cast this year, everyone has a great positive energy and they are all very talented.”

“Audience members will be shocked in a good way, hopefully,” Nicole Anelas, cast member and junior chemistry major, said, “It’s not what they will expect and they will leave having a whirlwind of emotions.”

This is the 15th annual event of the Vagina Monologues and it is hosted by Georgia Southern University’s National Organization for Women and the Multicultural Center.

The Vagina Monologues were first created in 1996 by playwright, performer, feminist and activist Eve Ensler. Later she founded V-Day and One Billion Rising.

One Billion Rising is a part of V-Day, which is a nation-wide movement to stop violence towards girls and women. The “one billion” represents one out of every three women who are raped or beaten every year.

Tickets cost $5 for GSU students and $10 for non-students. Supporting this cause will raise money and all proceeds will go toward the Domestic Violence Shelter in Bulloch County.