Kimonos appear on GSU campus

Photos: Tiffany Hinckelman and Brooke Palacid

Meagan Greene

As the weather turns warmer and the season begins to change comes a new trend making waves on Georgia Southern University’s campus.

Boho chic is a prominent style that has made its way to GSU this spring. Heading off this revolution is an item of clothing customarily worn by women, but men can also embrace the wonder that is the kimono.

A kimono was at first the Japanese word meaning clothing; however in more recent years a kimono has become a name meaning traditional Japanese attire.

These kimonos that have made a statement here on campus are oversized cardigans that fall to each side and usually tend to be three-fourths of a sleeve but can also be long-sleeved as well.

Tiffany Hinkelman, freshman finance major said, “I think kimonos are very stylish, unique and fun.”

Many students want to wear clothing that are flattering and kimonos fulfill that request.

“Kimonos are flattering for any figure,” Hinkelman said.

There are many different ways someone who wants to try a kimono can sport the trend.

“I like to wear it during the day with shorts and a tank, but I also like to wear it at night time with a cute dress and heels,” Hinkelman said

Other kimono owners gave input about how they like to wear their kimonos around campus and out with friends.

“I like to wear kimonos because they’re flowy, and you can wear them with anything like shorts or jeans or a dress,” Brooks Palacio, sophomore exercise science major, said.

When looking at specific types of kimonos, each has its own character that shows off a person’s personality.

Dish Boutique, located off of South Main Street, has a white kimono with grey, red and blue tribal on the shoulders and fringe at the bottom. The price of this item as of now is running at $48.