SGA Meeting in a Minute- Feb. 20

Lauren Gorla

• Dr. Brooks Keel offered his own comments on the Rum Runners sign. He believes

that students who feel strongly about the sign should “protest with [their] purse,”

and also told SGA that GSU would have an official statement within a few days.

• Stadium Expansion is on track for completion by graduation. The Football

Operations Center, however, is facing a slight delay because of recent weather.

• A new Military Science building is being discussed, and Dr. Brooks reiterated that all

temporary buildings remain as such, and that permanent facilities are being worked


• Faculty might soon receive a raise, the first in 6 years. $11.4 million has been

allocated to the budget for this purpose. Once final approval is made in March,

implementation is hopeful for a Fall 2014 arrival.

• The Engineering Program might be receiving an expansion, with the addition of

Manufacturing Engineering. It would be the only school in the Southeast (closest

programs are Texas/Virginia) to have such a program.

• The Smoke-free campus policy is likely to remain. Chancellor Huckabee is firm that

it is best for the overall health of students. Enforcement will likely be discussed

within the coming weeks

• The SGA affirmed that the University has no official policy on the amount of time

professors are given before their class is considered canceled due to their tardiness.

• A field being set aside for Statesboro/Bulloch County/GSU Dog Park at the RAC was


• A suggestion was brought forward to replace World Literature with Technical

Writing as a required, core class, under the belief that is more helpful to a broader

range of students.