Your View: Feb. 25th

Your View

“Do you think GSU did enough to recognize Black History Month? Does Black History Month help to change anyone’s perspective?”

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“I think [Black History Month] has generally changed people’s opinions. It gets people of all races aware of what African Americans went through to get to where we are now. Georgia Southern could promote it more by putting more flyers up around campus and have people stand out here in the breezeway to tell people to come to events.” Sean Patterson, freshman multimedia communications major

“I’ve seen a bunch of newsletters and gotten a bunch of e-mails about events going on. I didn’t know it was such a big deal; at my high school it wasn’t such a big deal. It’s pretty cool that it is appreciated here. For my perspective Black History Month hasn’t really changed me because I’ve never seen anything significant happen because of Black History Month. I think more people gloss over it than take it seriously.” Philip Long, freshman business major

“I don’t feel like we did enough. Doing more would have been great for the Statesboro community and not just Black History Month; we could have a cultural thing for all the different cultures. I know that I take a lot of pride in my black history but I know that it’s not to the point where people push it to the side. My friends and I talk about topics amongst ourselves. We bring up topics more during this month than any other month.” Konnelius Martin, sophomore management major

“More organizations could come together and really make it a big thing. Like I feel there could be more publicity, more posters up and more involvement from all sectors of campus life, student life and faculty life working together to make this one month of recognition. I guess my biggest thing is that organizations should suck it up and get over whatever it is that is stopping them from working together.” Kenneth Olowoyo, senior studio art and apparel design major

“I honestly don’t think I am looking for the promotions of Black History Month because it doesn’t really apply to me. I definitely think that people who aren’t African American don’t really understand why there is a Black History Month. Like even me, I’m kind of not informed about it. So I think that it would be cool if there was more information.” Shira Davis, sophomore public relations major



“I haven’t seen a lot of promotion for Black History Month on campus. I don’t think that Black History Month is going to change anyone’s opinion. And I do feel that like this year especially there hasn’t been anything that has to do with black history month.” Denzel Peoples, junior education major

“I believe that they do enough on campus, we have a lot of different organizations on campus for that. I love everyone, no matter white or black. I don’t judge people, I might subconsciously but that is how I was raised but that’s most of us. If you had Black History Month every day it would just become normal, with it happening once a year more people talk about it but it would be better to have it every day so people are always thinking about it.” Chris James, junior psychology

“I really didn’t know that there was that much being promoted around the school. I don’t necessarily think that people weren’t aware, just not active. I’m not gonna say that it’s not important, because it’s history, and it tells about our past, but I just think that it’s something that’s good to know, but shouldn’t be required.” Jose Ruiz, sophomore pre-pharmacy major

“On campus I haven’t seen much, but I’m not really attentive to it. I think that just in general, not necessarily just for Black History Month, that the University needs to improve getting the word out. It could be like some people are just going through the motions. I mean, it’s important, it’s their past, but it’s not something they might want to think about.” Ben Morales, sophomore sports management major

“We don’t do enough, at all. I don’t think that, for me, there was anything here that really made me aware of the month, and it’s sad, because I’m African-American, and I would be happy that we’re doing something and that we’re willing to do something, but I just skirted through the whole month because I forgot about it, and that’s sad.” Kristin Royal, sophomore pre-nursing major


Interviews conducted by Braley Garland and Connor White

Photos by Brandon Warnock