Love, Hate, Opinionate

James Devlin

The high level of intellect we as human beings possess is remarkable—it’s even better to have the voice to share our thoughts. However, one trait that I see less of is an open mind for the opinions of our fellow man.

As human beings we want to make one another happy, not belittle each other. Everyone tries to do what they see is best for the world; we don’t want to make others feel pain or sorrow. No one is born with the sole desire to hate or be hated. Even with the best intentions people will disagree or feel offended by one another. A world where people voice their opinions is beautiful. We would lead bleak lives without different views and experiences. I may disagree with someone’s opinion, but I will not think less of them because of it. There is space in this world for all of us.

It seems that with all of our advancements, we are still lacking in the most essential parts of being human: acceptance and love.

The technologies birthed by our cleverness are used to spread hatred. So many hide behind a computer screen and oppress one another. It’s those hateful dogmas that lead us to see most of the civilized world as a cynical, ignorant and closed-off place. But it was the same computer screen that was created to keep us linked to one another—showing that at our core we crave unity. Cars, planes, televisions and the Internet have brought us closer together. Even this column will be read by a variety of diverse and cultured students around campus.

What we need is to feel for one another—not just think, but feel. We can become lost in our egos and forget to consider one another’s emotions. We are in a world where people no longer empathize with others. People come from all walks of life, different families or different experiences. Life is hard, but we can lighten the load together. In the end we all have something in common: we live, we feel and we die.

I hope we can end hatred before it ends us.