Why letters to the editor are important

Peyton Callanan

Take a quick glance at the bottom of this page.  Right under my column and this week’s Our View is information on how to send a letter to the editor along with the email address I use as the opinions editor.

Did you know that this information is printed on page four of this paper every week?  Yep, every Tuesday and Thursday this information is in the same exact spot for all of our readers to see. There is also a place on the right-hand side of the front page of our website that allows you to submit a letter.

Ever read something in our paper that you feel passionate enough to speak out about? Well that is what a letter to the editor is for. Whether you strongly disagree with an opinion piece that you read here in this section or you want to comment on something that is happening in our community that you read about in one of the other sections, you can voice your opinion through a letter to the editor.

Even on the rare occasion you want to throw a compliment our way or back up an opinion expressed by one of our columnists, you can utilize those 350 words or less to do so.  We publish these letters to give a voice to our community on the subjects that our reporters must remain impartial on or to express an opinion that may not have been shared by one of our columnist.

I know that in this digital age it is easier and quicker to express your thoughts via social media, but if you really want to get your message across and have your voice heard by not only our staff but also the student body then take the time to send us a letter.

As long as the letter meets the criteria listed below, then it has a good chance of making it into our paper. Everyone that reads this paper has an equal opportunity to send us a letter. If you see a letter in this paper you don’t agree with, then be proactive and send us one of your own.

I want to hear your thoughts and concerns. This is a student newspaper, and as the opinions editor I would like to have as many students express their opinions on these pages as possible. This goes for the Georgia Southern University community as a whole. If you have something to share then I want to hear it, so take advantage of this outlet. I am ready and waiting to see what you guys have to say.