University Villas to close in May, Kennedy to reopen next fall

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Anthony Belinfante

STATESBORO — Georgia Southern housing will be undergoing changes in the next few months as University Villas is set to close in May, and Kennedy Hall will be reopened in 2021.

Last spring, select units at University Villas closed due to structural concerns. After a thorough review by the university, it was determined that UV will close at the end of the academic year in May and will no longer be offered as a student housing option, according to Executive Housing Director Peter Blutreich.

“The future use of the site and complex has not yet been determined,” Blutreich said.

Regarding Kennedy, the university housing complex will be reopened in the fall 2021 after undergoing restoration. The project is expected to take 12 months to complete, according to Blutreich.

“Project details are still being finalized, but Kennedy is a much-needed space in University Housing and we are excited the complex will be refurbished,” Blutreich said.

Once reopened, Kennedy will return to serving primarily first-year students, with hopes to include a break-out space and support space to ensure residents have a great first-year experience.

Anthony Belinfante The George-Anne News Reporter,