We can stop

Erinn Williams

It is a known thing that celebrities love to reinvent themselves, from Prince, to Mark Wahlberg, even to Katy Perry going from Christian singer to a candy-obsessed songstress.

It’s a natural thing to want to grow and progress. We all are constantly changing so celebrities can too.

But that leaves us with the question of when do we take it too far?

I believe that this question can simply be answered with two words: Miley Cyrus.

Last year, in order to break away from her Disney fame, the “We Can’t Stop” singer turned heads as she completely changed her musical sound, hairstyle and clothing choices.

Yes, Miley can’t stop. She can’t stop culturally appropriating and exploiting women’s bodies in order to boost her revenues and fan base.

The worst part is that she gets away with all of this under the name of “self-expression” and the fact that she is supposedly a sweet person in real life.

Webster’s Dictionary defines self-expression as “the expression of your thoughts or feelings especially through artistic activities,” but is that really what she is doing?

I think not.

She may think showing off her sexuality, promoting weed, peyote and molly is being free and showing that women have the right to do whatever they want, but it is not.

Sure she has the right to make individual choices for her life, but she is a celebrity, and at this point a brand that she wants to grow.

It is just her working within the system. Sex and drugs sell – especially in the music industry. That’s not freedom that’s just a business plan.

Cyrus told Cosmopolitan U.K., “I’m a feminist in the way that I’m really empowering to women.”

As of right now I am not sure what exactly she has done to for women’s rights, if anything, but I am sure you can find better feminist and womanist icons to look up to.

Then comes the topic of her cultural appropriation.

In her “Rolling Stone” interview she said, “I didn’t really realize it, but people are still racist” and,  “when my kids are around, there will be no one on this planet who was alive when there was segregation.”

This makes me believe that Miley is having delusions of grandeur.

In 2014, for someone to be so far removed from a culture, especially one that they are appropriating, that they have no understanding of the problems that they face makes no sense to me.

But at least now I can fathom why she has done many of the things she has. She just doesn’t have a good grasp on the fact that it is an exercise in privilege to take on another person’s culture to express yourself.

All I know is that we can stop and we should stop Miley Cyrus.