ASA to hold forum on color and prejudice

Michelle Norsworthy

Tonight in the Russell Union, the African Student Association will host an open forum on topics that will range from colorism to the prejudice that faces the LGBTQ community.

The event will start at 6 p.m. in room 2073 this evening and everyone is encouraged to attend.

“It’s the prejudices against people of certain skin tones. Look at the entertainment industry. Why is it that we focus on light skin? And it isn’t an issue that’s unique to just the black community. It’s [something] that’s prevalent in many cultures,” Jodi-Ann Simpson, ASA president and senior public relations major, said.

The forum’s main focus will be to provide an understanding as to why society operates this way and where these prejudices come from.

Simpson said that another focal point of the forum will be the prejudices that face the LGBTQ community on behalf of those who face prejudice themselves. There will also be discussions on what solutions can be found for these problems.

“Some people might not understand that this is really happening or why,” Ugo Anikpe, ASA vice president and sophomore psychology major, said.

“Treat people equal no matter skin tone or orientation,” Anikpe said.

Tonight’s forum will also be focus on other prejudices that stem from moments in our history and why these resentments still remain today, Simpson and Anikpe said,.

“Be prepared to learn about things you might not have known before,” Simpson said.

Both Simpson and Anikpe hope attendees leave with a better understanding of the origins and the impact that colorism and other prejudices have on both individuals and society.