The Orange Constant to go to Waka Winter Classic

Charles Rudison

The Georgia Southern University-based band, The Orange Constant, has set their eyes on making their mark at the Waka Winter Classic this Saturday in Athens.

The Orange Constant is a rock group made up of Georgia Southern student that features versatile sounds from funk and jam to reggae and jazz.

“The Wakarusa is really one of our favorite music festivals and we all would be deeply honored if we had the opportunity to play there,” Nickalous Benson, the band’s guitarist and senior general studies major, said.

The Orange Constant consists of four members: Lee Guentert, drummer and senior business management major, Andrew Brantley, lead vocalist, Will Goggins, bassist, and Benson. These four will play in the Waka Winter Classic on Saturday in Athens at 9 p.m. to compete for a chance to play at the Wakarusa Music Festival in the summertime.

The competition featured a preliminary round with around 30 groups facing off. The Orange Constant was chosen along with four other bands to move on to the next round.

The second round of the Waka Winter classic is based on the crowd’s popular vote of the bands.

“The winner is based entirely on popular vote so we would really appreciate it if some of the students could come to Athens and support us. We are even going to be carpooling with some of our fans,” Guentert said.

The group will be performing seven different songs at the classic, including: “Squid,” “Giants and Flies” and “Gravity Calls.” The Orange Constant is a band that stresses songs with lyrics of substance.

“Lyrics are definitely the main focal point in the music we write. We really want the music to connect to our fans, and we want our lyrics to hit home,” Benson said.

This emphasis on fan connection drives the group to produce meaningful, substantial lyrics that their audience can relate with.

“It is the best feeling in the world when you find a fan that can really connect and feel your music on a deeper level, this is what we strive for,” Brantley, said.

Benson said, “This competition is deeper than us. We are extremely honored we even made it this far. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity and It will be a beautiful thing to have our dreams manifest into reality. Come out and support us.”