Fashion Scout: North Face vs. Patagonia

Meagan Greene

Fashion is timeless; it is always changing and reinventing itself. This is true even if the trends are fresh or retro.

This week’s trend of choice is a debate between the two well-known brands North Face and Patagonia.

This topic was chosen because these brands are and have been popping up all over Georgia Southern University’s campus, men and women alike have been caught wearing these brands. It’s time to figure out what makes one label more desirable than the other.

“I have been wearing North Face since high school. They’re so comfy. It’ll be hot outside but perfect to wear in a cold classroom,” Maggie Seckman, sophomore chemistry major, said.

As many may already know North Face and Patagonia are very similar in category when it comes to fashion.

On the brands web pages a prevalent shopping choice are fleece vests. For men a regular fleece zip-up on the Patagonia site is $99 and on the North Face site a vest is also $99. The two only differ in color and the Patagonia vest having a zip-up pocket, where the North Face vest does not.

However there are other differences between the two labels.

Women’s fleece vests differ in price showing that a North Face brand vest is $55, which beats a Patagonia fleece at the price of $99.

The item that has been very popular on the GSU campus as of late is Patagonia’s Lightweight Synchilla Snap-T Fleece Pullover. This fleece comes in an array of different colors and patterns, which range from vibrant purples to neutral blue toned Aztec designs.

Along with pull overs Patagonia brand hats are making their mark as well with college-age men. It’s very common to see multiple guys wearing this hat with the Patagonia logo on the front on the pedestrium.

“The only hat that fits my head, I have a big head. The hat matches with all of my stuff,” Daniel Raymond Plante, junior marketing major, said.

When it comes to the North Face brand it is common during the inclement weather we have had to see students sporting rain jackets with the North Face logo on the pocket and zip-up fleece. These jackets come in many different colors. However North Face has yet to hit the popular Aztec pattern yet.

Book bags are a high point for students when looking forward to the new school year and Patagonia backpacks are up and down campus, but so are North Face backpacks.

Kashif Khanjee, senior information technology major said, “I just really like the Patagonia book bag colors a lot, the colors are more vivid. It will last me a long time, definitely.”

With slim price differences and patterns being the deciding factor between the two apparel heavyweights we arrive at a crossroad. Ultimately the choice, as always, comes down to consumer preference.