Respect: A dying idea?

Brooke Rabon

After a very stressful school and work week, I decided to partake in one of my favorite pastimes – El Sombrero happy hour. Although I had a fun time with friends, and received great service, my great time was soon spoiled when a fellow bystander made a comment that caught my attention. Although El Som is usually busy during dinner hours, this night in particular as the popular restaurant was crowded, and it also happened to be a Saturday night. While walking out the door, I overheard two men talking.  Both seemed upset about their wait for a table, but one in particular really showed his frustration. He made the comment, “What they (El Som staff) need to do is kick out all of these college kids. Because unlike them, I tip,” and he continued on speaking some kind of nonsense. I literally stopped and looked at him. Although people are free to have their opinion, I do believe this was highly exaggerated. And even though his statement was a huge assumption, it was still annoying. They way he made it sound, was that college students didn’t have an ounce of respect.

My biggest issue with this man’s statement was what gave his generation, and I’m sure other generations, the mindset that college students don’t have respect anymore? Now, I am not saying that I haven’t met my fair share of rude people. But that’s in general; people, not just students. I will not sit here and say that I don’t get annoyed at that one drunken guy at the bar that spills his drink on me by accident. But, I will say that I’ll probably say it’s okay, and keep it moving through the crowd. Therefore, I encourage Georgia Southern University to prove men like this wrong. Next time you see an older woman coming into a store, hold the door for her. If someone says hello, even if you do not know him or her, say it back. Share a smile. Do whatever you think is “respectful” to you, for others. And most importantly follow the Golden Rule: Treat others like you want to be treated. Oh, and for this man’s entertainment; make sure you tip your waiter.