Mark Irish to perform at GATA’s for charity

Meagan Greene

A renowned college hypnotist’s comedy act is making its way to Statesboro this Wednesday night at 9 p.m.

Mark Irish, a hypnotist comedian, is starting off a comedy series at GATA’s Sports Bar and Grill this week, Cover is $5 and the money raised is being donated to a breast cancer awareness and education charity.

“GATA’s wants to make people laugh. Trivia is overdone in this town so we want to do something completely different in a way people can enjoy themselves while creating awareness for charity,” Christian Bennett, owner of GATA’s, said.

Mark Irish said, ”I get a number of people to come on stage, about 80 percent or more will be hypnotized. I’ll come up with scenarios like giving them a piece of toilet paper and telling them it’s a 100 dollar bill towards their tuition. People will actually fight on stage for the toilet paper thinking it’s dollar bills.”

Irish has performed at the White House, Harrah’s, Carnival Cruise lines, trade shows, and colleges such as Georgia Tech, University of Georgia, University of Michigan, and Ohio State.

“I travel all around. I do everything from walking on glass to hypnosis, lying on a bed of nails and someone actually takes a sledge hammer and crushes a cement block inside my stomach, it’s a pretty wild show,” Irish said.

When participants come onstage, Irish will ask them to remember a time when they had, “laser-like focus,” as they press two fingers together. Irish claims they will be able to block out anything that’s going on around them by pressing those same fingers together anytime after the show.

Irish said, “I perform mind reading magic. I have a twenty-pound rabbit that pulls cards out of the deck with his teeth. One of my rabbits and I were on the Late Show with David Letterman once.”

Other acts that have left colleges towns wanting more would be having men hypnotized into believing they are woman giving birth to their first child or having woman speak in a well-enunciated Martian language while comparing men on Earth to Martian men in space.

“Hands down the craziest thing that has happened was when I was doing a mock ‘Jerry Springer’ show at a college and the hypnotized people believed they were rednecks and were leaving their fiancé for a shoe. I handed this girl a shoe and she tells her fiancé she’s leaving him for her shoe, because it has more ‘sole.’ The fiancé says, I’m not mad at you, I’m mad at the shoe and starts beating the shoe to the ground. They were my shoes not even two weeks old,” Irish said.

Along with the joys that come from watching a hypnosis comedy show Irish will be giving out a HypnoNapping mp3.

“HypoNapping, for every minute you are hypnotized, it can feel like you’ve had 6-10 minutes of deep sleep, listen for 30 minutes and you’ll feel like you had a 3 hour power nap,” Irish said.

This is a way Irish gives back to the audience for them coming up to help out with the show.

Irish said, “Have you ever had a chance to do or see something that is very intriguing and then later regretted not doing so? This is one of those moments as there are only a handful of hypnotists in the South and you have the opportunity to see an award-winning hypnotist here Wednesday night.”