Why Black history month is important

Charles Rudison

It’s February again and the question pops up once more. Why is Black History month important, relevant or needed?

There have been times when I have asked myself this same exact question. It wasn’t until recently that I came upon the answer. It is to remember and respect the sacrifices that our ancestors made to allow us the opportunities we have today.

Whenever the question comes up tensions seem to flare. Blacks are offended and whites feel as though they are being patronized. The topic can get awkward.

Unfortunately things weren’t always pretty in this country, and no matter how far we try to push it out of history, a group of people did suffer.

This resilient group of people stayed strong through hundreds of years of mental and physical bondage to overcome all odds and finally achieve equality. No matter what color you are the effort is admirable.

Black history month can also be viewed as a celebration. People should use it to celebrate freedom in general and use it as an inspiration for overcoming seemingly impossible challenges.

The Civil Rights Movement only ended around 40 years ago. Though we have all come far, we still have further to go.

Black history month is a necessary month. There are very few black history classes in public schools. All that is covered is a chapter then black history is forgotten about altogether.

It is imperative that we remember our past. Those that don’t know their history are doomed to repeat it.

Black history month is a celebration of what Blacks have accomplished in a short time. Building pride and dignity in black people and emphasizing education to a group of people who were torn down for so long.

It is often perceived that African Americans have done nothing for our society, so each generation of black youth needs to understand the struggle and sacrifices our predecessors endured to achieve equal rights and tolerance in American society.

Black history month is not a time to patronize whites, but a time to come together in appreciation for what African Americans have contributed to America.