The queen keeps her throne

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Charles Rudison

Although a month has passed since Beyoncé rocked the fans of her “Beyhive,” her self-titled album deserves review because she continues to show why she is the queen five weeks later.

Beyoncé introduced the 14-track album “Beyoncé” on Dec. 13  without any advertisement or promoting. The record is the eighth release of Beyoncé’s career, and her fifth consecutive to reach the number-one position on the Billboard 200 Chart. “Beyoncé” has become her best-selling album to date and has stayed at number one for nearly 5 weeks.

“Beyoncé” was also a visual album. A visual album is an album accompanied with a video for every song. Beyoncé seemed to have followed in the footsteps of pop icon Madonna. Releasing a visual album was an ingenious idea that only adds to her star stature.

The visual prowess of the album was as provocative as provocative can get. It was beyond well done.

The album offers a vibrant, lust-filled, seductive sound that enchants listeners and puts them in somewhat of a trance.

However, in comparison to previous records such as “I am Sasha Fierce” or “4,” “Beyoncé” comes up short in the soul department. In older albums, listeners can feel and understand her love and happiness in every chord she sang. However, in this album, I can’t feel much of anything.

Her sound has also become a little too generic. While Beyoncé does have a distinct voice, her tracks have begun to sound like everything else on the radio.

The main flaw in the album is that it is missing its purpose. I cannot hear her love for music in this album. Her previous albums dealt with the emotions she felt from being married and becoming a mother.  Listeners can’t sense the purpose in this album. All that is heard is Beyoncé saying, “I am bored, I feel like making an album.”

“Beyoncé” is a versatile album with songs for every mood and venue. But the versatility of her previous albums is better.

Despite a few flaws the album was still well done, but I don’t think the album would have been as popular if Beyoncé didn’t do it.