Local artists deserve support

Joyce Sanchez

Joyce Sanchez

What if I told you that the next Drake lives down the street from you? I’m sure that by now everyone has at least heard of Beyoncé’s new album, but have you listened to This Wine Glass, a new song by Truu Hayze ft Kamikaze Hendrix & Symone?

I know it sounds crazy, but so often talented musician’s right here at Georgia Southern University are not taken seriously due to their lack of notoriety. What’s even worse is that musicians here at GSU of all genres have probably produced high quality, one-of-a-kind songs that are just as good as Rihanna or Avicii’s songs but do not have a fan base to prove that.

Fan bases are extremely importantly to any artist who is looking for their big break or just trying to stay relevant, and people are ultimately the lifeblood of their success. Maintaining some form of a relationship with fans will foster loyalty and as a result, loyalty will increase not only profit, but confidence. You don’t have to be a fan from up close though, as social media sites provide a way to stay updated on an artist’s latest song. According to Kayak Online Marketing, 64 percent of Twitter users say they are more likely to buy from the brands they follow and 51percent of Facebook users say they are more likely to buy from the brands they follow.

Just a few months ago, two college students who go by the studio names of Truu Hayze and Orfeo Fame released an album called “Bluegum Spades” in September 2013 and now have over 1,000 downloads. Imagine if they had a larger fan base supporting them. The downloads would triple and they would surely increase their chances to be found by a major record label.

No, local artists aren’t mainstream, but they’re producing high-quality music that deserves a listen or two. Surely, they may not have all the high-end videos and the money for a tour bus, but these people have passion, commitment, and determination to get into the music industry someway, somehow. According to Kayak Online Marketing, it only takes 20 people to create a community that generates a meaningful level of activity about an individual, just through day-to day activities. It is only right that we, as college students take a chance and look away from mainstream music to see what local talent is performing tonight because nothing feels better than your own community supporting you.