Sub shop suffers from unapproved coupons

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Maureen O'Leary

Campus Special coupon book printed an unauthorized coupon this semester for Jersey

Mike’s Subs causing conflict between the business and its patrons.

The coupon was to redeem a free sandwich, which is a deal that the store cannot sustain

according to the owner, Chris Brown.

Brown said that he had several email correspondence saying that the coupon company

would not print a coupon for his store.

According to Brown, the invalid coupon drove people to the store under false pretenses,

and business has suffered from not accepting it.

“This takes away all the momentum we had going… there’s still a lot of upset people that

we want to get to come in and try the product,” Brown said.

Janna Parsons, Jersey Mike’s district manager, said that the previous year the coupon

company assured the sub shop that a similar coupon would be valid for only a month and

only be distributed to freshman.

However, Parsons said that the coupon was made valid for three months and was used by

all students without their knowledge or consent, so Jersey Mike’s decided not to print a

coupon in Campus Special this semester.

“There’s so many struggles facing small business, and it’s not getting any easier, so when

thinks like this happen, it’s a setback,” Brown said.

Brown and his attorney have been in contact with the president of the coupon book, and

they hope to reach a settlement with Campus Special.

As a way to make up for the coupons that are not being accepted, Jersey Mike’s is offering a

deal to students for $4.99, which includes a regular-sized sub with chips and a drink.