A boutique just for Southern women

Meagan Greene

Many women do not get to have their voice heard through hunting attire in the south. We are looking to expand to colleges and universities in all 50 states, Saad said.

“My designs all are based around my motto ‘stay sweet’ and ‘a southern state of mind’ and consist of the color turquoise and a cross or shotgun logo,” Saad said.

Along with clothing Huntin Hunies has an accessory line consisting solely of koozies.

“I do all the advertising, marketing, management, designing and social networking on my own,” Saad said.

Saad said that this boutique is not just about having a cute shirt to wear around or a koozie to flaunt at happy hour, it has a deeper importance. This importance comes in terms of women taking pride in the things they like to do, whether it be spending time at church or shooting a bow in the woods.