5 Commandments of Clear Skin

5 Commandments of Clear Skin

Kat Lewallen

I know we’re all in college and don’t have to worry about wrinkles yet and we’re past the point of terrible middle school acne but taking care of your skin now is still important. Your 40 year old self will be thankful. Here are the five rules you cannot ignore on you quest for clear skin.

1. Thou shalt ALWAYS take off your makeup before going to bed

I know there are some nights where it’s 3 a.m. and all you can think about is

collapsing on the bed. But whether you’ve been hitting the bars or the books

all night, making time to just wipe off your makeup with a cleansing cloth

will be very worth it.

2. Thou shalt use moisturizer

Even if you have oily skin or are prone to breakouts and you don’t think you

need moisturizer, you need it. Look for products that say “oil free” to make

sure it’s not too heavy. Put on moisturizer after cleansing before going to

sleep to wake up to baby soft skin.

3. Thou shalt not touch your face

Think of everything you’ve touched today and all the germs on those things.

All those germs go on your face when you scratch your nose or pick at your

chin. Think twice next time you rest your face on your hand during class.

4. Thou shalt keep hydrated

Drinking the recommended 16 oz of water per day will keep your body

healthy and, as a bonus side effect, will make your

skin glowing and hydrated.

5. Thou shalt clean your cell phone screen

Your fingers are on your screen all day texting and when you get a phone

call all those gross germs are transferred onto your face. Once a week soak a

cotton ball with alcohol and wipe off your phone to get rid

of all the recycled bacteria.

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