Shakespearean classic retains its glory

Matt Sowell

Shakespeare’s classic tale chaotically collided into the Averitt Center for the Arts Friday to the

delight of many Statesboro locals as the National Players brought the Comedy of Errors to life.

The show follows the story of identical twin brothers who are servants that were separated

at birth. They end up in the same town and chaos ensues. There are lots of mistaken identities and

awkward situations that make the show both cute and confusing.

Like any Shakespearean classic, the dialogue was a little hard to follow. It took a while for the audience to

catch on, if you stopped paying attention for even a second, you found yourself horribly lost. The actors

used over-the-top expressions and hand gestures to keep the dialogue understandable. As a whole, the

acting was stellar.

Another highlight was the set and costumes. Rather than Shakespearean themes, the show took on the

look of a traveling road show from the 1920s, giving it an enchanting and mysterious charm. The show

opened with a bang as the circus troupe invaded the theatre, bringing the stage to life.

The true highlights were Antonia LaChé and Adam Turck. They portrayed identical twin servants who

were both lovable and funny throughout the show. Eliza Rose also stood out for her comedic portrayal

of Adriana.

It’s always humbling to know that the same man who wrote the greatest love story of all time can also

write fart jokes. The audience ate it up.

All in all, the show was a cute one act production that was worth seeing, even though the plot was thick

enough to choke on it. The actors handled it well and made the play thoroughly entertaining.