Ways to start the semester off right

Alexandra McCray

The start of a new semester is like having a clean slate and it’s always the same old routine. This is finally the semester to get a 4.0, never to miss a class, take notes on everything the teacher says, start a study group, do all that assigned reading, and, oh yeah, maybe cut back on making appearances at the plaza, but that one’s always a little iffy.

During orientation, SOAR leaders make a point to take all the incoming students on an extensive tour of the campus to showcase the variety of resources Georgia Southern University has to offer to help students succeed academically. Unfortunately, once one gets settled into their college routine of studying at home with the TV on, or pulling an all-nighter in the library, it becomes easy to forget about the expansive resources that are available on campus to help students do well in their classes.

If study rooms in the library sound cool, try heading to the relaxation room at the counseling center when you start to feel midterms’ weight hanging around your neck.

And though the Academic Success Center may not sound very appealing at first, it certainly will when that 80 you had in ECON 2105 nose dives to a 60 midway through the semester.

“Students just don’t come as often as they should to workshops near the beginning of the semester, and that would really help them get off to a good start,” Janet O’Brien, director of the Academic Success Center, said.

Instead of relying on that friend that took biochemistry three semesters ago for help, take advantage of the free campus-wide tutoring that goes on nearly every day all semester in Cone Hall.

The people that make 4.0s get there by studying consistently and asking for help when it’s needed. At first it might be hard to skip that episode of the Bachelor or happy hour with friends to head to an academic success workshop, but it’ll be worth it when you get HOPE back or finally make the Dean’s list. The best way to achieve your goals this semester is to take small steps every day to get there. Remember that, Eagles.