SGA looking to students for ideas

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Lauren Gorla

With the start of the new semester, “We really want students who are outgoing and personable to come here and be great senators,” Garrett Green, SGA president, said. “You’re going to have to be outgoing, you’re going to have to want to ask questions, you’re going to have to see how your roommates, how your friends, how your coworkers feel about certain issues going on on campus.”

There are a total of eight seats open in the senate across six of the colleges.

There is also an opening for a publicity coordinator position, which will cover marketing and event planning for SGA.  This is a paid position.

A large goal for SGA this year was to increase their visibility among students to understand what students see as the biggest issues on campus.

To combat this, three “SGA days” have been planned throughout the semester, during which they will offer food for comments and suggestions from students.

“We want students to really be involved in SGA and we want to show the importance of it,” Green said.

SGA holds weekly senate meetings that are open for the public to hear what is going on around campus and administration.

“Because we are the official representatives (for students), we have members in SGA who talk to directors, and dining services, and parking and transportation, and the provost and a lot of different areas that really affect your college experience here,” Green said.

The most effective and productive way for SGA to do its job is to have students at these weekly meetings, which is why they are being stressed among the student body, Green said.

Student organizations are encouraged to participate in SGA activities by signing up for the Shuttle Gus program held on Friday and Saturday nights as a safe ride home for those students who may need it.  Each organization will earn $300 for their organization by participating in this program for a weekend.