Advice for finishing your freshmen year strong

Anna Wells

Finally, the spring semester is here, and for a few of us, including me, this semester is our last.  Formals, parties, sporting events, you name it the spring has it.  For you freshman out there, here is some advice to help you make the most of your spring semester.

Go out.  No seriously, make a point to do things with your friends.  For some of you that might mean going to the Plaza, and that’s great, but if the bars aren’t your scene then make sure to at least go to Savannah, or heck at least to the movies (Stimulus Tuesdays!), with your friends.  Some of y’all reading this might think I’m suggesting neglecting your studies, but I’m not.  Now that you’ve got the hang of this college thing, find a balancing act between friends and school, because your college experience isn’t only found in the classroom.

Go to sporting events.  Yes, yes football is over, but basketball is just getting heated up.  We might have lost a nail-biter to Western Carolina on Saturday, but there will be many more games to come, and you can sit at home and “play” a basketball game on your Xbox, or you can go to one, where you always have a chance at winning some free item or another.  Baseball is coming too, and those games are great because not only is our team a good one, but the fans are entertaining as well.  I can’t even describe how these fans heckle (literally, it’s too explicit to write) so you’ll just have to go and hear it for yourself.

It sure does rain a lot in Statesboro during the spring, but when it doesn’t there’s an awesome thing that happens called pool parties, and wow there have been some great ones.  I could describe to you how I would go from the pool to class back to the pool freshman year, or I could let you live it yourself when the weather starts heating up.  The pool is like a pregame for Spring Break, and when you come back, it’ll still be here.

Despite all of these fun things taking place, do remember to go to class.  The porch of Dingus is always inviting, but here’s the semester to make up for your academic mistakes of the last one and still end up with HOPE (and if not, that’s what summer term is for).  Have fun y’all!