Fashion trends from 2013 that are here to stay

Alexandra McCray

While it may be a little early to start thinking about what the biggest fashion trend of 2014 will be, the runways and designers around the world already have.

Though it may seem like the fashion world is always tossing out the old to make way for the new, plenty of the hottest trends from 2013 will continue into 2014.

“I feel like patterns will carry over and also leather. A lot of people really got into leather this year and I think that will carry over to next year,” Raven Taylor, D.I.M.E.S. vice president and junior business administration major said.

Leather, beanies and 90’s punk were revived and updated this year and became much more main stream. A look that was once reserved for struggling musicians in New York, the modern rocker chic look, became a popular look for students right here at Georgia Southern University.

“On ‘E!’ they’ve been talking a lot about leather and the 90’s grunge punk look and I see it on ‘Glamour’ magazine so celebrities are wearing these styles too, it’s not just our wonderful campus,” Taylor said.

Another one of the biggest trends from 2013 is incorporating daring colors in all seasons. As spring and summer approach bold colors like red and orange, along with Pantone’s newly announced color, Radiant Orchid, may be found everywhere.

“Last year’s color was emerald and a lot of designers had foreseen that color on the runway. So I’m pretty sure the color Orchid will be put into the upcoming fall 2014 designs,” Mohria Harris, Fashion Menagerie vice president and senior fashion merchandising major said.

For those who preferred a more clear-cut style, simple and sophisticated monochromatic looks ruled supreme in 2013.

“Black and white was a big one. It’s my personal favorite. My favorite color is pink but I definitely have been wearing a lot of black and white, those are my favorite colors to wear because it’s so simple and classic and it can go with anything,” Taylor said.

Modern punk, bright colors and patterns along with sleek and refined monochrome looks are just a few of the trends that have managed to stick around for the New Year.