“Africans be like†on GSU campus

Erika Richards

The African Student Association is hosting their first “Africans be Like” forum, named for the Instagram and Vine “Be Like” videos, in the IT building on Tuesday at 6:30 p.m.

This first group meeting will allow prospective members to feel comfortable in a relaxed atmosphere while enjoying stories from African-descended students on their experiences with Africans and their homeland.

Jodi Ann, president of ASA and senior public relations major, said, “This forum will open student’s eyes to a culture they may not be used to, and give an experience to them to show that this organization is getting back together and is going to become a family.”

This event is bringing back the organization on a good note and will be a funny start to the ASA’s program, Aku Okoye, secretary and freshman Pre-Business major, said.

During the forum, a series of skits will be performed, showing a light-hearted and funny way of what Africans go through on a daily basis.

Some of the skits are going to focus on how African parents would react in different situations and African parities.

Ugo Anikpe, Vice President of ASA and sophomore psychology major, said, “This forum will be fun and interesting. You won’t regret coming out, it will be a good time.”

Going to this event will show you the similarities of Africans and Americans and show that we are all the same even though we have different cultures.

While this forum is to educate and get one ethnicity together on campus, ASA wants to get their name back out and into the minds of Georgia Southern students.