Finals advice for freshmen

Farmer is a senior political science and international studies double major from Thomasville, Ga. He is the current Opinions Editor. He is also a brother of Sigma Lambda Beta International Fraternity, Inc.

James Farmer

Finals are fast approaching, and for most Georgia Southern University freshmen, it is their fist experience taking collegiate exams. But fear not, freshies, this senior is about to lay some knowledge on you. Exams can be a breeze if you follow some simple guidelines.

First and foremost, stay up with your classwork during the semester. Note I did not say homework, because, let’s be honest, you’ll do that the day before its due. But going to class is actually pretty important, believe it or not. Some professors give bonuses for attendance, while some take off points from your final grade if you miss too many classes. So stay up to date on that aspect. If you are receiving this information too late, try to make any review sessions being offered. Many times that is the last day of class.

After going to class, know your exam details. The exam schedule is different than the usual schedule, so you don’t want to pull a sophomore-year me and show up at the wrong time for a final. Some professors will also schedule their exams for the last day of class instead of the final block, so keep that in mind. As scantrons and blue books are required for many exams, you’ll want to get these early, especially if you have an exam during the early block. Also keep in mind if the final is cumulative or not. That can play a big role in what you study hard for.

Once you’ve got those two points down, find your study pattern. Some people study best in groups, some study best alone, whatever helps. If you have not followed my first point, then try group studying, between five of you, chances are someone has been to every class. Whether it be Starbucks, your house, club Hendy or even Steak n’ Shake, find a good place to study for you. Not everyone is alike in studying habits, so find what works best for you. Also, find out what classes you have borderline grades in or have grades that absolutely needs to be brought up, and study for these classes specifically.

So good luck on these finals, Eagles. Follow these tips and they might not go so bad.