A farewell to the Farm Life

James Farmer

A little over three years ago I began to write for The George-Anne as part of the first-ever candidate class in the history of Student Media here. Little did I know that despite starting out in the sports section, I would spend the majority of my time with the paper working as the Opinions Editor. Since writing the Farm Life last fall, I have written dozens of opinions pieces from presidential elections to the beer at Van Gogh’s. But all good things must come to an end, and my time writing for The George-Anne is one of them. This is the final Farm Life column.

Before I was a columnist, I was a sports writer and still am at heart. Some of my favorite memories come from my time as the first-ever Football Editor at Georgia Southern University. Traveling with my coworkers to Alabama and App. State are some of my favorite memories, and interviewing players and coaches after amazing wins and crushing losses alike was one of my favorite experiences in college. I felt truly privileged to be able to share those moments with the Eagle Nation.

During my time writing opinions, I’ve tried my best to be neutral towards politics. One of my favorite memories dealing with the paper was a girl stopping me at a party last October and declared me to be a supporter of the man I did not vote for. I’d like to think that my columns made readers look at things from a different perspective, because I hope they did.

But I’ve also had the privilege of listening to the readers, as I dealt with letters to the editor in one capacity or another from last fall to present-day. The readers of this paper articulated great letters that from time to time made me reconsider my own views on a subject more often than I expected going into the job. That was something I did not expect going into the job, and was a pleasant development.

I’ve also seen the impact that opinions pieces have on the student body. I was working with the paper when the GTSNP virus column went viral (pun fully intended), and a guest columnist once lost his position within ROTC due to a column that was written.

Without you, Eagle Nation, this job would not have been anywhere near as rewarding or as fun. From getting made fun of by football players after I picked them to lose to Wofford in 2011, to having random Einstein’s employees sing me happy birthday because they read my column on my birthday last year, this has been nothing but a blast. Thanks for being great to me, Eagles. To quote Christopher Eccleston, “You were fantastic, absolutely fantastic. And you know what? So was I.”