‘Tis the Season on a Budget

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  • Alexandra McCray

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Alexandra McCray

The holidays are the one time of year where shopping for others becomes more fun than shopping for yourself.

It can be easy to break the bank while Christmas shopping, especially when the lists can get very long between an aunt here, a cousin there and don’t forget dear old mom and dad.

“My family is a sentimental kind of family, so every year we do pajamas on Christmas Eve and we do a gift exchange with ornaments so each family member gets to hang their ornament on the tree for Christmas,” Jordan Whitcher, undeclared freshman, said.

Thankfully there are many ways to find and make great gifts that friends and family will love while still staying within a college student’s budget.

Men can be hard people to gift shop for anytime of the year. For the guitar enthusiast a monogramed or personalized guitar pick from Etsy makes for a great small and thoughtful gift that they will actually use.

There are also gifts for the dads that are always asking “Why does it seem like you only call me when you need money?” Etsy offers money clips that say “For the bit of money my daughter (or son) hasn’t already taken,” which is sure to get a good chuckle every time it’s whipped out.

A do-it-yourself pamper pack along with some cozy slippers or pajamas is a great gift for moms, sisters and girlfriends because it can be personalized. The options of what to put in it are endless and the amount of time and effort that you put into picking out each and every item just for them will be worth it.

One foolproof option that you can never go wrong with is tech accessories. To-go phone chargers look like they will be one of the most popular Christmas gifts this year. They are made by a multitude of companies and can be found for relatively cheap. Most hold a little over one full phone charge, and some bigger ones can be found to charge tablets as well. They’re a great gift for anyone on the go.

The Photojojo Lenses, which are magnetic camera lenses and individually cost $20 but can be bought in a set of five for $50 and work with any type of phone, make a great gift for anyone.  Photojojo offers lenses such as fish eye, wide-angle, telephoto, polarize and macro.

“You can find almost anything at the University Store, and my dad actually asked for Georgia Southern stuff and my brother is a fan,” Savannah Cox, freshman biology major, said.

This gift guide is just one of tons that are available, Pinterest and YouTube are great places to start. You can be sure to find something unique and thoughtful no matter what your budget. And it is not the gift that counts the most during the holidays; it is spending time with those that mean the most.