Finals are surmountable tasks

Rogers is a super senior theatre major from Eufaula, Al.

Savannah Rogers

Welcome to the best and worst week of the semester: pre-finals week. This semester, I have come to realize that nothing makes me happier than pep talks. That being said, let me give you the best one I can muster to help you through this week and next. First, pat yourself on the back. It’s the last week of classes! You are so close to being done, and you got yourself here! You kept your stress at bay, you pulled those all-nighters to make sure it all got completed and turned in, and you didn’t die from coffee overdose. For that, you are a champion!

Secondly, if you are still attending class, you are a winner. Professors make sure this week is worth your time, and theirs. They tend to hand out last minute study guides, extra credit, and the like for those still hanging in there and attending their seminar. They know how painful this week is, and having only one week between Thanksgiving Break and Finals Week is a doozie in and of itself. I hope you are in good health, because a large collection of my friends have FaceBooked on their illnesses, and I take that as a warning to spend some time apart from them and their plague (love you guys).

That being said, stay in good health! Don’t do anything silly this weekend involving jumping in a lake or sitting in a freezer for several hours. Finals will already be lovely without the aid of sickness. Speaking of finals, this is the time to get creative. Try out a new study spot, because I know from experience that Club Hendy is going to look like Club La Vela. This is the time to grab some snacks and caffeine and head to a (studious) friend’s house and knock out some serious studying. The trick is to go an hour solid, then take no more than a 10-minute break and hit those books again. An extra thing to think about: you have changed as a person this semester. I know how you could be feeling right about now – you might be miserable, crying in your books, or out partying and ignoring the impending doom of next week, but either way – with planning, you’ve got this! I just know it! It has been an honor filling your semester with tidbits, feels, and giggles.

You’ve been a very lovely audience, and not that you need it, but good luck with finals! To the graduates this semester: congratulations! I leave you with my current musical addiction: Bastille’s “Pompeii.” Perfect for the semester reflection I know I’m going to be doing over the next break. Until spring semester, healins and blessins, y’all!