Winter trends hit Statesboro

Alexandra McCray

The weather is cooling down, and it is that time of year, even in Statesboro, to tuck away the tank tops and short shorts.

But just because Statesboro is finally getting a break from its usual sweltering heat does not mean that style has to go out the window.

With a new season comes new trends to experiment with, and staying fashionable without sacrificing comfort, also known as warmth, is completely doable.

“If you want to be stylish for winter, leggings, boots and sweaters, scarves are a trend now and they have these boots now you can get monogrammed and I know that’s really trendy,” Mohria Harris, Fashion Menagerie vice president, said.

A quick way to update classic layering is to add a trendy faux fur vest or snood to add texture and interest to a monochrome or colorful outfit.

Scarves come in all shapes, sizes, colors and patterns. They can be the perfect finishing touch to any outfit during the colder months. And if infinity or basic loops are boring a quick tutorial search on Pinterest can come up with hundreds of unique ways to tie scarves.

“I love winter style, because you get to dress up more in sweaters and scarves and different boots and purses,” Madison Campbell, freshman physics major, said.

Leggings can also be transitioned from warmer months to the dead of winter. Insulated leggings with a faux fur type lining are a hot new trend for this winter, Harris said.

Combat boots, ankle boots, riding boots and high heeled booties are just a few of the boot trends that have stuck around for the past few years and do not seem to be going anywhere soon.

For those struggling on where to start when it comes to creating outfits that work for colder weather, websites such as Daily Look and Polyvore help browsers create outfits where every piece is shoppable.

“Definitely go on Polyvore. People are starting to really take hold to those clearance websites like Just Fab and Haute Look. A lot of people are starting to shop on there and they have really good deals,” Harris said.

But one doesn’t have to go out and spend tons of money every season. Layering statement jackets, cardigans and eclectic tights is an easy, yet often overlooked, way to make summer style favorites work in the winter.

Song Sarae Harley, senior health education and promotion major said, “I like for winter that you can always layer and use different patterns and colors, I think that’s my favorite part.”