GSU sparkles with Kappa Alpha Psi pageant

Erika Richards

Dresses will be ready, makeup will be done and hair will be styled at the ninth annual Miss Kappa Alpha Psi pageant this weekend.

The Miss Kappa Alpha Psi pageant will be held on Sunday at 7:11 p.m. in the Russell Union Ballroom.

Tickets will be on sale all week for just $3. Tables will be set in the Union every day. Tickets at the door will be $5.

This gives contestants a chance to win scholarship opportunities and also let them express what they are most passionate for, their talents and their public speaking skills. The winner also receives an award of $500.

This event goes on every year to promote the image of young women on campus and to help them develop and strengthen their confidence when speaking in front of a crowd and interacting with others.

“It is not only about the show, but also to help them to build a bond between the participants as well as the brothers in the chapter, essentially making us like one big happy family as we work to put on this great pageant,” Joshua Brown, junior sports management major, said.

“This experience will be like no other,” Anthony Thomas, senior psychology major, said. “There will be a new set, new talent and better attributes.”

This year the pageant will not be similar to the ones in the past because participants’ platforms and talents are much different.  Participants will show that they genuinely care about the community and the world.

“This will be an entertaining event for the guests. But it is not just a beauty pageant. The participants have some unique talents and very heartfelt platforms. This pageant will make the audience smile but will also make them think about some of the issues that they and their fellow students face on a day-to-day basis,” Brown said.

“We have an awesome and diverse group of contestants. Some have pageant experience and some are new and were unaware of what to expect, but we’re glad that they were willing to take on the challenge,” Ryan Bright, junior nutrition/pre-med major, said.

This event will bring the university together in a positive way to shine a light on young women at Georgia Southern University. Not only is this event supporting fraternity and contestants but also uniting the university as a whole.

“Guests can not only expect to be entertained but experience the journey that these contestants have willingly taken part of. Family, friends and guests can expect to have a good time as they share in supporting these contestants who have worked so hard and will display their hard work and commitment on this night,” Bright said.

Students will have a chance to vote for their favorite contestants by placing money in the people’s choice jar, sitting outside of the pageant doors.

Bright said, “Come prepared to see an awesome show that displays the talent, character, and beauty of our lovely contestants.”